Tips & Tricks To Crack IIT-JEE & NEET Exam


Tips -

To clear for competitive exams like IIT JEE you need hard work and persistence but it is also important to have some tricks and tips up your sleeves. For example: Efficiency is most important - if you do not make silly mistakes, you will prevent yourself from losing 5-10 easy marks. All these efforts just double up when you are aiming for IIT JEE two year integrated program. We beings to you more tips and tricks to creak IIT-JEE to help you in prepare better.

For most of students cracking IIT-JEE main is all about hard work and proper persistence it is important for you to have tips some tips and tricks to boost your performance.

Tips & Tricks To Crack Exam:

Students must have to organize yourself to prepare efficiently. Students must have to make proper plan will help you to achieve better results. Take regular interval in between studies. Be realistic while planning your daily schedule. Student with the well plan can save time and add to your productivity. Try to maintain proper time table like 6 hours continuously studies with 45 minutes break to refresh your mind.

Try to solve previous year question papers regularly at least 70-80 numerical every day it will automatically goanna increase the speed day by day.

For preparing of IIT JEE examination there are numerous books and question banks in markets. Students must read Pratyush Classes textbook theory and cover full scope of the syllabus. NCERT books can also be used as reference texts and reference materials.

If you stuck in any question and can't figure the way out from it at best time to take help from your mentor or for your institution. This will also help you to clear all your concepts but also inform you of any flaws in your study pattern.

Students have to avoid wrong answer because it will affect you in your ranking. Therefore in order to stay on top of your game- It is very essential for you to strength your power and this can be easily done by meditation and yoga it help to clear out all your negative thoughts.

Before setting a goals ensure that it is realistic and attainable. You may have a lot of syllabus to cover before appearing for the exam. Study at light nights will only take a tolls on your body and the chances are that you may fall ill and waste time in recovery.

For every student it is best to aim for JEE advanced and not just limit your preparations to jee main. As the studying to clear for both JEE advance and JEE main syllabus is same.

If IIT is your goal then keep your enthusiasm up by considering your studies as the most satisfying and content hours of the day.