About Us

Pratyush Classes is one of the top best coaching classess for the prepartion of IIT-JEE & AIIMS-NEET aspirants in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Our experience, commitment and sporting attitude towards our goal stands behind the person to stands with an excellent trainer, a coach, who taught and perfected the students at every step on the journey of success. It is one of a premier classes committed to providing unparalleled teaching and for producing consistently excellent results in IIT-JEE Mains, IIT-JEE Advanced, AIIMS-NEET, Medical-UG and so on. Our core competency is in mentoring students with a winning attitude and work ethic and helping them realize their potential.

At Pratyush Classes, our ethos is to provide high standards of excellence - moral, ethical and academic. We aim to nurture our students and mentor them on the correct path in manner to compete in the competitive exams, to emphasise on not just academic progress, but, more crucially, building character and values to help them become competent, contributing and informed citizens of our Nation.

Our methodology of teaching the students takes a quantum leap in that direction, leveraging technology and data, while staying true to the roots of the guru-shishya system, the backbone of education in our culture. Synergies between the best practices of tradition and technology, in addition to personalized attention and coaching makes stand far ahead of its predecessors.

Key Fetures Of Pratyush Classes Ranchi Jharkhand:

  • Technology-enabled learning
  • Top-Notch Faculty
  • Academic Information Register
  • Study Material System
  • Practice Sessions
  • Assessment System