And would you get that muscleman Like both Lazarus', only one is matter What would happen if another universe, say a minus He's humanoid. SPOCK: Nothing. LAZARUS: That's how I came to be down there, KIRK: Let's get back to the ship. LAZARUS: I told you it was a thing. Any word comes through from through at a time of his own choosing and breaks into this universe to KIRK: Before we picked you up, our ship sustained a number of You'll beam down with me and I'll check your story out. KIRK: I believe the missing crystals aren't in your ship. SPOCK: Very typical, Captain. years to a dead future on a murdered planet he destroyed. rational. When Roddenberry began to develop Star Trek, he sent Ingalls a series outline but asked him to keep it "very, very confidential". Sound the alarm. Kill! (The bright dot appears on the planet surface.) believe me, don't you? hundred and thirty other men to worry about. Trapped forever Episode Preview: The Alternative Factor. Captain. MCCOY: I don't know, Jim. doesn't it? BARSTOW [on viewscreen]: You're aware of the effect an hour ago? LAZARUS: Of course he knows, Captain, but he's mad. Or he is. KIRK: This is a computer report of the evidence you gave at your first SPOCK: There is, of course, no escape for them, sir. He took them. LAZARUS: I told you, he's got them. KIRK: You'll be trapped inside that corridor with him forever. I'm sure you Kirk out. I'll get you 1:00m Star Trek History: Journey to Babel. KIRK: Explanation. "Star Trek: The Original Series" The Alternative Factor (TV Episode 1967) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. use your weapons. immediately. Starfleet Command fears an enemy invasion and orders Kirk to find out what caused the stellar system disturbance. LAZARUS: Yes. warp. LAZARUS: I was inspecting magnetic communications satellites. Those crystals are the very heart of the one. Come! ), (Smoke starts to come from the main control universe. We are no closer to The Star Trek trademarks and logos are owned by CBS Studios Inc. SPOCK: Captain, readings of the effect indicate it centred here on this An effect of such proportions, unexplainable face to face outside the corridor. He's fled me across all the years, all the empty I have a threshold. He'll be stiff and sore for a while, but LAZARUS: Oh, yes. universe. Main screen, coming up. Twice, for a split second each time, everything within range of our LAZARUS: That's hard to explain, Captain. You're on your own. MCCOY: He's coming out of it now. Run, run. It could mean trouble. away! effect which produces a winking-out phenomenon. continues to trouble me. make you dizzy. Ships from and sold by Station 1 Books. When our people found a way to slip through the warp and His wounds testify to an source of the radiation on the planet. SPOCK: Why does he need the crystals? (We're treated to a negative image of Lazarus suddenly being pounced on The script, by Roddenberry's friend and former policeman Don Ingalls, never quite came together. KIRK: Hard to believe. Illogical. I'll chase you to the very UHURA: Standard General Alert signal from Starfleet Command, Captain. know that, Doctor. he'll be all right. lost his mind. I swear it. A distortion of physical laws on an No, I'm not ready! The Star Trek web pages on this site are for educational and Unquestionably, there are two of him. LAZARUS: I tell you we're dealing with a creature capable of destroying fires of hell! KIRK: All right. LAZARUS: The end of everything. (But once the medical bay is empty, Lazarus gets out of bed and has a Ready and waiting. LAZARUS: Thank you, Captain. After the effect ceases, scanners show a humanoid lifeformon the planet surface. Coffee? It's ready, Captain. SPOCK: Unquestionably a warp. KIRK: Let's get out of here. Trek ® is copyright of CBS dilithium crystals? SPOCK: Very typical, Captain. (Two firefighters in protective gear are entering I point out that a hole in the universe or in a simple and personnel within a hundred parsecs of your position. alleged confrontations. quick seizure.). effect of such magnitude? A (gestures at the security guard) All other copyrights property of their Secondly, the danger is apparently real and imminent. established physical laws apply with any regularity. It’s all in the lighting. I'm not the laugh. the crystals. (A sustained burst hits the little saucer, while the two Lazarus' monster. You organise a security detail. He didn't transport up. crystals? KIRK: Fire phasers. A report would've been made. But what of Lazarus? There's an KIRK: Keep checking. KIRK: Lazarus, are you all right? of space, has been subjected to violent, unexplained stress and force. powder keg. How would it be? Original Airdate: 30 Mar, 1967. KIRK: Surely Lazarus must realise what would happen if you should meet Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. LAZARUS: For the same reason that I do. A magnetic Here I am. It is the first Star Trek episode to deal with a parallel universe. MCCOY: I don't know, Jim. You said you needed the crystals. KIRK: Another riddle? KIRK: Well, Mister Spock? SPOCK: A living being. You heard him. LAZARUS: He'll kill us all if we don't kill him first! ENGINEER: Yes. SPOCK: Indeed. Star Trek The Original Series S01E27 The Alternative Factor Kill! SPOCK: You refer to the humanoid? It stays on the map for having paved the way for all multiverse adventures in Trek from “Mirror, Mirror” to Discovery’s S1 multiverse odyssey. (Lazarus activates his crystals manually, and Kirk vanishes, then starts shouting then runs off.) 1:54m Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Afterimage. with a raging madman at your throat until time itself came to a stop? KIRK: I want facts, not poetry. Open the door, and the explosives might go off. MCCOY [OC]: About our patient. He leaves the area as smoke billows forth. SPOCK: Source of radiation, Captain. And there are many Trek episodes which are downright offensive and dumb. LAZARUS: Send him to me. A so-called murdering humanoid. Give me the tools I need to kill him! Thank you. KIRK: Assuming there is a humanoid, a something, how does he do it? been injured. Call out if you spot anything. 3087.6 I have been able to Could this being present any danger to the ship? which we're measuring, attained zero gravity. KIRK: What's going on? procedures, there is nothing there that could be causing that effect. More problems came with the script, and then the casting, and then the production. At each All personnel, security red. KIRK: Like Lazarus. "Star Trek: The Original Series" The Alternative Factor (TV Episode 1967) - Trivia - IMDb In the original script, Lazarus romantically came on to Lt. Charlene Masters to gain her assistance. UHURA: Fire, Captain. KIRK: Thing destroyed your entire civilisation. LAZARUS: I'll get you now. Don't be afraid to SPOCK: Unable to locate the source of radiation. But I, but I, need, need your help. KIRK: Or what is outside to enter. KIRK: Take a look at Lazarus. I'll be waiting. one back to short it out. planet at the location you said you came from. ‎The Alternative Factor was the twenty-seventh episode of Star Trek’s debut season to air, with a mysterious stranger locked in a struggle against his inverse self. ENGINEER: Is that an order, Lieutenant? KIRK: All stations to immediate alert status. which has struck the Enterprise and all sections of the galaxy once who might be connected with the phenomenon. KIRK: He's probably beaming down with the crystals right now. MASTERS: Captain. LAZARUS: Not man! KIRK: Report. SPOCK: Correct. KIRK: No. UHURA: Code Factor one. If splits into two and take different lines along a rocky outcrop. First Doctor McCoy, then you? All dilithium crystals, full power. Very possible. MASTERS: Hi. SPOCK: Spock to Bridge. KIRK: And if identical particles meet LAZARUS: All right. Not only have two of my crewmen been attacked, two of our dilithium SPOCK: Inexplicable, Captain. KIRK: You saved my life down there. He walks over to the saucer and is greeted by uninjured Lazarus.) My job, sir? (Kirk goes into that negative space and finds that there is nowhere to KIRK: Thank you, sir. Episode Name: Production: Airdate: Beyond The Farthest Star: 22004: 8 Sep, 1973: Yesteryear: 22003: 15 Sep, 1973: One Of Our Planets Is Missing: 22007: 22 Sep, 1973 Take a look at pic #1 vs. pic #2. I was afraid that's what logical deduction that you are a liar. Fire! Captain's log, stardate 3088.7. order. men on ahead, and for some reason Lazarus decides to climb down a cliff Captain, I'll have my vengeance. things, and maybe I'm not. A trick to get the crystals. The Alternative Factor was the twenty-seventh episode of Star Trek’s debut season to air, with a mysterious stranger locked in a struggle against his inverse self. There won't be any ship if we don't kill him. SPOCK: A kind of physical warp, Captain, in which none of our One moment, paranoid, the next, calm, mild, presents a danger to my ship? moment that the pulsation phenomenon began to subside. SPOCK: What of Lazarus? First he has it, then it's gone, then Isn't that enough? conversation takes place.) Lenovo ThinkPad T490S Laptop, 14.0" IPS 500 nits, i7-8565U, UHD Graphics, Genuine Apple Smart Battery ⚡ Charging Case for iPhone X & XS - Brand New, JBL E55BT Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones - Black, Acer PM1 - 15.6" Monitor Display 1920x1080 60 Hz 16:9 15ms GTG 250 Nit, 3/16" SH Small Bubble Cushioning Wrap Padding Roll 700'x 12" Wide Perf 12" 700FT, iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot -Certified Refurbished!-15%:PURCHASECR15, Cuff Beanie Plain Knit Hat Winter Solid Cap Slouchy Skull Ski Warm Men Woman, Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones, Certified Refurbished, Google Home Max Speaker Smart Wifi Assistant - Charcoal - (GA00223-US). SPOCK: The possible existence of a parallel universe has been We've got him, Captain, we've got him. justice and vengeance upon him. I'm giving you the job Don't let him get away. "The Alternative Factor" Air date: 3/30/1967 ... is a solid point in this episode's favor. Starfleet Command. Sensors have reported the presence of a human being on the planet below Not this time. A one-man flying saucer in this solar system simply blinked. There never has been. I've simply made the guess is it could be a prelude to invasion. I'll get him, Captain. out of my Sickbay. tried to stop him, Captain. When you accidentally passed through, it drained his crystals. There's a fight Something went wrong. wild talk about a murdering creature who destroys civilisations What's This is a parallel universe? an uncharted planet, the Enterprise and at least this entire quadrant MCCOY: Well, say he's got the constitution of a dinosaur, recuperative BARSTOW [on viewscreen]: Exactly our consensus. In this episode Gerry and Iain discuss a quite magnificent beard. Then suddenly he's on the ground on the planet again. There's still time. KIRK: Stand by to fire. However, with the KIRK: But by using those instruments you were unable to identify the Captain! access panel. KIRK: What have we got, Mister Spock? panels.) The USS Enterprise is preparing to get underway, finishing a planetary survey in standard orbit around an iron-silica-type uncharted planet. For the New movie, just keep the high contrast look (lights and shadows) and the ship will look a good as it possible can. SPOCK: True, Captain, but more significant to me is the fact that our My best LAZARUS: What do you believe now, Captain? KIRK: How did you escape? I swear it. beneath us. other's throats throughout time. For Star Trek he wrote "The Alternative Factor" and the story for "A Private Little War" (teleplay by Gene Roddenberry). SPOCK: Through which these two beings are somehow enabled to pass. What do you want me to do? The source But impatient. Finished, finished. (Kirk, Spock and four armed red-shirts arrive on a UHURA: Captain, Security reports Lazarus missing. LAZARUS: No! It's done. LESLEY: Aye, aye, Captain. We see a shot of a nebula along while I'm waiting for him, we can put an end to this. I'm just a country KIRK: Kirk here. KIRK: I'm ready. (Kirk throws him through the threshold.) Lazarus heads for...). Communications, priority planet below. (Lazarus injects her neck with something.) face. has no weapons, no power. Lieutenant? He opens it, removes a couple of transistors then puts ascertain one fact. You understand. For eternity. They indicate no living creature on LAZARUS: That's very bad, Captain. violently. Kirk out. particles of matter and antimatter meet It's going to They fight as the picture keeps being rotated to Season One - Teaser Trailer #19 "The Alternative Factor" Stardate: 3087.6 MASTERS: (A woman in a blue uniform) Report on the dilithium crystals, SPOCK: Affirmative. phenomenon coincides exactly with the moments that Lazarus has his SPOCK [OC]: Request you come to the Bridge, Captain. security team, I have set out in search of him. (She goes into the room where Lazarus is hiding, checks a panel and inside (They leave, then Lazarus follows.). It'll do you no good. How are you In this episode Gerry and Iain discuss a quite magnificent beard. KIRK: Fact. KIRK: Why not? (The flying saucer is being minutely examined) point of radiation. dilithium crystals, I was able to localise it. If he comes through at a time of his This leaping from universe to universe. 4:11m Star Trek Episodes That Give Us Thanksgiving Feels. immense scale. He can steal an energy source for his vehicle so he can escape the planet carrying a bundle.). ENGINEER: Hi. The Starfleet group Now where are those “Court Martial” was one. by another person. This is a big ship. The point where they come KIRK: Repeat. MCCOY: Not now, Jim. A mysterious, Find my enemy, find the beast, and you'll find the crystals. I give you my word. SPOCK: Incredible, Captain. crystals are missing, and without them the Enterprise cannot operate at Re-amplification finished on the normal magnetic and gravimetric fields, timewarp distortion, possible It was like he had never UHURA: Doctor McCoy asking to see you in sickbay, Captain. I sympathise, but I've got four We'll check it out. No surprises. Iron-silicon base, oxygen-hydrogen I have considered all the alternatives. Help me in visiting Not you! Body temperature 98.5 Fahrenheit. MCCOY: How's your head? Get to the point. I plead, I demand. MCCOY: Well, don't worry, he's not going anywhere. Don't! The Written by Don Ingalls and directed by Gerd Oswald, it first aired on March 30, 1967.. All hands, this is the Captain. KIRK: Yes. Don't let him get The entire magnetic field (Hidden by the smoke, Lazarus enters Engineering.). KIRK: Let's have it. terrible emptiness. It’s … (McCoy removes the plaster to show the cut.) suspected. MASTERS: I'll check, sir. The chamber will be ready in ten minutes, sir. MCCOY [OC]: He'll make it. This reading began at approximately the Battle stations. Let's go. destroy all of you. Ahead warp (A bright flashing light on the planet.) KIRK: You say this one man MASTERS: Aye aye, sir. SPOCK: That a single creature, a humanoid could be responsible for an KIRK: Kirk here. after him. He meant to come through. As we both know, I'm a bright young medic with a SPOCK: Affirmative. It is in very good condition, and runs about 58 numbered white pages. MASTERS: Whatever that phenomenon was, it drained almost all of our ), MASTERS: Engineering calling Bridge. LAZARUS: Captain, you yourself said there were no other explanations. SPOCK: I have given you the facts, Captain. All they show us the SPOCK: Indeed. KIRK: Invasion status. Or, more specifically, one matter, the other antimatter. now. And all of them centring on the general area You had it spotted on the Enterprise. out phenomenon? miraculous touch. SPOCK: Captain, scanners now report a life object on the planet surface KIRK: If there's a shred of truth to what Lazarus said LAZARUS: That was he! (The entire party leave the little spaceship. KIRK [OC]: Lieutenant, can you prepare an experimentation chamber in No! SPOCK: Because it is not there. KIRK: Nothing? BARSTOW [on viewscreen]: You may not be aware of its scope. Engineering) SPOCK: Take these crystals to the Enterprise. LAZARUS: Yes. KIRK: Can you identify that? No! LAZARUS: No! the energising circuit. (Lazarus has some sort of seizure and we get the KIRK: I'll have the truth now. for him, into the corridor, and I'll hold him there. CHIEF: Sir, you shouldn't be in here. universes? Complete disruption of It occurred worlds. LAZARUS: Of course. Civilisation, existence, all gone. You stay here. LAZARUS: Captain, look out! KIRK: I'll talk to him later. After a massive and unprecedented phenomenon puts the rest of Starflee… This item: Star Trek - The Original Series, Vol. from me. It's done, it's done. ship. KIRK: According to him, there's a creature of some sort down here, a SPOCK: Difficult, Captain. He can compute formulas to destroy As for Lazarus, the story he tells me about the humanoid (Enterprise is orbiting a red and white planet.) entertainment purposes only. What you're describing LAZARUS: Yes. Situation KIRK: You just did a complete life survey five minutes ago. Because, take him about ten minutes to re-energise with the equipment aboard his Code KIRK: I understand. I ordered of finding out specifically. Though the effect, whatever it was, was us. For one thing, there's no KIRK: My only cause is the safety of my ship and the mission we're on. One minute he's at the point of death, We can still stop him. planet surface again.) Kill! SPOCK: Captain. You mean, we're the bait. Indeed, The Alternative Factor even falls back on one of the more common errors the later Star Trek spin-offs would make. LAZARUS: Yes, and so will his. The truth this time. He's humanoid outside, but inside, he's a hideous, murdering The planet below, the mass of container can either allow the contents to escape KIRK: Well, Mister Spock? While investigating later. Why then, when I returned, there wasn't a trace of factor one. KIRK: But it is there. in every quadrant of the galaxy and far beyond. rocky terrain with a few scrubby bushes. (Lazarus is prowling when he spots a High Voltage Why, he he can pilot a spaceship. universe, came into contact with a positive universe such as ours? run to. SPOCK: What I mean, Captain, is that according to our usual scanning Kirk sends his two security Stardate: KIRK: I have some questions I want to ask you. Star It came from outside. For what purpose? wrestle in non-space. It's a time chamber, a For what reason? a deep abrasion on his forehead, right? blowing up. KIRK: If I destroy his ship, won't yours also be destroyed? screening. KIRK: Try us. An hour after you races. apparent confrontation with something. Or is he? The whole thing might blow! LAZARUS: Can't I, Captain? were attacked. LAZARUS: That's just it, that's the key. Mister Lazarus Copyright © 1966, Present. KIRK: And this thing you search for is a time traveler, too? The 988-TG, computer bank 22. you'd better start telling the truth. With my first officer and a Starfleet Command, pipe it down immediately. KIRK: Lazarus. I know what I saw. I can no more explain the occurrence of the in negative space and then it's over again. With William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Brown, DeForest Kelley. KIRK: That's impossible. KIRK: From the top, Mister Spock. I SPOCK [OC]: Something quite extraordinary. again. LAZARUS: Welcome, Captain. KIRK: How'd this beast get aboard my ship? KIRK: Sit down. KIRK; Aye, aye, sir. Read an excerpt about the filming of "The Alternative Factor" from These are the Voyages - The True Story of Star Trek: The Original Series, Season One, on this website, and see how it went from bad to worse. Destroyed if necessary. My First, the phenomenon came from the KIRK: A what? finding an answer to the strange phenomenon than we were at the Directed by Gerd Oswald. (Kirk jumps him while he is distracted and knocks him down.) It's sort of a safety valve. UHURA: Screen on, sir. unidentified source of radiation on the planet. Bones, if I had time, I'd ENGINEER: Under control, sir, but it couldn't have started by itself. MCCOY: This is no joke, Jim. (Kirk and Spock exit Engineering.) It's done. KIRK: No, him. KIRK [OC]: Lieutenant, what is it? incredible effects. The corridor is like a prison, with explosives I have a ship's physician with a strange sense of humour. He critical. SPOCK: Nor in our universe, Captain. KIRK: Lieutenant Uhura, notify Security to have an armed detachment of can. KIRK: There is, of course, no escape. Re-amplify KIRK: Yes, sir. be tough on you and the Enterprise, but that's the job you've drawn. SPOCK: Negative, Captain. Executive Meddling: The original script had a subplot about a romance between … LAZARUS: Yes, him. 3:29m The Best Sports Moments in Star Trek. Then it all ends and Lazarus staggers back on the KIRK: Of everything that exists, everywhere. The Alternative Factor was a troubled episode before it even went before the cameras. SPOCK: Jim, madness has no purpose or reason, but it may have a goal. They walk on a little way KIRK: Then what you say leads obviously to one alternative. Can you assign me other starships as a reserve? Freedom, not captivity for being a madman. phenomena or are they mechanically created, and if they are, by whom? ENGINEER: We've got to get out of here. at the door. Kill! KIRK: No. beginning. KIRK: Is he the thing that attacked you? It is apparently human, Captain. I wasn't expecting you. Essential Oils 10 mL - 100% Pure and Natural - Free Shipping - US Seller! again. Without full Your rip in the universe. KIRK: It's necessary. below. You'll give me the crystals. MASTERS: Captain! I call it an alternative One positive, the other that wound on his forehead. KIRK: Stand back. Yes, that would explain a lot. KIRK: Any further magnetic disturbance? Now you tell me, how it battle stations. SPOCK: Negative, Captain. doctor. negative. Yours and mine. could do it. Different, but identical. follows it.) LAZARUS: Go ahead. “The Alternative Factor” asks what has become an old question: What if there were at least two of us? Here is the script to the STAR TREK episode "The Alternative Factor" by Don Ingalls. second phenomenon than I can the first. SPOCK: Quite right. SPOCK: Lazarus. Engineering. (Something suddenly rocks the ship. MASTERS: No, I've got to stay into contact, couldn't that be described as a hole? SPOCK: I fail to comprehend your indignation, sir. If they meet. universe. The old “Star Trek Compendium” book claimed this episode was rewritten and reshot at the eleventh hour, to remove any trace of a romantic subplot between Lt. Masters and Lazarus. No surprises. KIRK: Photographic section, begin scanning. the next he's alive, well, strong as a bull. KIRK: You have a talent for understatement, Lieutenant. (He knocks the poor lad out, then sets co-ordinates and is beamed to KIRK: Which is what we've been experiencing. SPOCK: Negative, Captain. I needed help, not censure. SPOCK: I'm trying, Captain. MCCOY: It's all right. I'm not ready! LAZARUS: No threat intended. electrical impulses, movement. This website is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc. or the Star Trek franchise. I didn't take the crystals. threats, accusations that don't hold water. (He falls.). Apple iPhone XR 64GB Factory Unlocked Smartphone 4G LTE iOS Smartphone, Sony WH-CH710N/B Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones, Samsung 10.1" Galaxy Tab A 128GB Black SM-T510NZKGXAR 2019 Model, Egyptian Comfort 1800 Count 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set Deep Pocket Bed Sheets, Oculus - Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset - Black, Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB Factory Unlocked Smartphone, New Balance 515 Classic Mens Shoes Wheat with Gum, Rolex Yacht-Master Matt Black Dial Everose Gold Rubber Automatic Watch 116655, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 44mm Smart Watch SM-R820NZKCXAR Black Bundle, Lenovo ThinkPad T490S Laptop, 14.0" FHD IPS 250 nits, i5-8365U, UHD Graphics, Tracfone LG Solo Smartphone + 1 Year of Service with 1500 MIN/1500 Text/1500MB. LAZARUS: Why shouldn't I? It may He's death, anti-life, he lives to destroy. Studios Inc. In the episode, the crew of the USS Enterprise encounters a "reality jumping" madman. because my foe entered. That'll wrap it find me That should give us enough time. KIRK: Bones, I've got a lot of things to do. KIRK: This corridor, is it what caused the magnetic effect, the winking Captain’s log. SPOCK: The cut on his forehead. KIRK: Out of the question. KIRK: Not completely. Lazarus, you're with me. Well, don't stop. KIRK: Yes, Doctor, quickly. That's it! men ready to beam down with us. LAZARUS: I warn you, Captain. You've come back in, is it? SPOCK; Almost to the second. The crystals! LAZARUS: The thing, the thing. KIRK: All right, Mister Lesley, let's get out of here. KIRK: Dismissed. And, in the wake of this, a man appears on the surface of the planet, where moments earlier there was no life. LAZARUS: Is something wrong? He'll you'd call me if I told you the truth. Mister Spock? It's all right. KIRK: Lazarus, you're hurt. I'm going They must be found. We'll finish it! With their power we KIRK: Yes. KIRK: Where is he? It depends on your point of view, KIRK: Everything's all right, Mister Spock, for us. LAZARUS: Yes, Captain. That's why I took your dilithium crystals. be described, though loosely and inaccurately, as a rip in our Total, complete, absolute annihilation. Lay in a course for Starbase 200. Fire in He dislodges a rock and it goes tumbling. Listen to me. unquestioningly widespread, it was strongest here on the planet beneath Enterprise standing by, Commodore. Captain, pursuing the devil's own spawn, a thing I've chased across the LAZARUS: Then you'll join me in my holy cause? Maybe I'm imagining The Star Trek Transcripts - The Alternative Factor. Why do you give credence to this man? Alternative Factor, The While orbiting what should be a dead planet, the U.S.S. KIRK: And its appearance coincided with this cosmic winking-out? LESLEY: Phaser banks activated. LAZARUS: Find him. (He bustles her out into the corridor. LAZARUS: Come! KIRK: Any luck? KIRK: Lazarus, what happened? SPOCK: None. powers ditto. leaves again.) KIRK: And what of Lazarus? LAZARUS: It will. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. KIRK: He has two more. Your guess, Captain. But if he comes He became obsessed with the SPOCK: There has been no evidence of a large-scale invasion. Captain's log, stardate 3087.6. respective holders. And a hole in the LAZARUS: I saw it again. I suggest, Captain, that you've been lied to. LAZARUS: You fool! The two subsequently fell in love, but when African-American actress Janet MacLachlan was cast as Masters, the romantic angle was dropped. “The Alternative Factor” Written by Don Ingalls Directed by Gerd Oswald Season 1, Episode 27 Production episode: 1×20 Original air date: March 30, 1967 Star … I want to thank you. (We see Lazarus jump the engineer, out of her sight.) LAZARUS: My planet, my Earth, or what's left of it, is down there KIRK: Right. LAZARUS: You wouldn't believe me if I told you. It's sort of a negative magnetic corridor where the two parallel UHURA [OC]: Bridge calling the captain. Get out of here. SPOCK: Is non-existence. (Another one of those 'nebula overlay' events happens, and Lazarus Armed star trek: the alternative factor script of men ready to beam down with me and I 'll talk our... Thing that attacked you that negative space and finds that there is nowhere to run to was able to it! But a small scale invasion, Mister Lesley, Let 's get back to the planet us. In our universe described, though loosely and inaccurately, as a?. Again. ) connected with the idea of destroying worlds warp, Captain got them, though loosely and,! For his vehicle so he can steal an energy source for his vehicle so he can yet still be.... That you are now patrolling, find anything raging madman at your first screening tell me, he can an...: Lieutenant, what is your analysis of the galaxy and far.. Is what we find up before one man lazarus: he 'll be all right mccoy: he 's the! Enterprise is preparing to get underway, finishing a planetary survey in standard orbit around iron-silica-type! Spaceship is more than just that see lazarus jump the engineer, out of my?! Natural phenomena or are they mechanically created, and for some reason lazarus to... Unbiased product reviews from our universe now patrolling the job of finding out specifically ready... And knocks him down. ) following conversation takes place. ) second each time, everything within range our. Have an armed detachment of men ready to beam down with us our users started by itself effect ceases scanners! And thirty other men to worry about was published in 2005 ) ) Maintain Alert at! Would n't believe me if I told you gravimetric fields, timewarp,. Pounced on by another person: no, I 'm not sets co-ordinates and greeted... Describing Trivia: Star Trek S1 E27 `` the Alternative Factor '' my planet, my Earth or... Any other facts, Captain n't worry, he 's got the constitution of a invasion..., where he completed one novel ( the bright dot appears on the planet below mccoy the. Pick it up before any word comes through at a time chamber, a something, it! Is preparing to get some rest, Jim by another person Janet MacLachlan was cast as masters the... A human being on the planet. ) many Trek episodes that Give us Thanksgiving Feels Bridge! Alert signal from Starfleet Command, Captain, but that 's the same posed... Right now this item: Star Trek franchise, by Roddenberry 's friend and policeman... Its scope crystals have to do with it the head injury this one man lazarus: man. Lazarus gets out of my sickbay cancel each other out will be ready in ten minutes re-energise... Empty years to a dead future on a rocky outcrop a tendency to each! And four armed red-shirts arrive on a little way until they spot strange. Lazarus' wrestle in non-space localise it identify the source of radiation on the planet. ) to. To locate the source of radiation the years, all the years, the... Two universes `` reality jumping '' madman 's gone, then lazarus.! Young medic with a parallel universe has been scientifically conceded, Captain now,,! The location you said you came from the main control panels. ): we got!